Simplify your work with the new Rich Text Editor

We're introducing a new Rich Text Editor to simplify the automation workflow. This new tool is easy enough for even the most inexperienced user to use, but powerful enough for businesses to save time and money.

Build the perfect workflow with Automation!

We've launched our advanced automation beta version. Full automation with bulk cases and detailed reports to go live by November.

Use Emoji and Symbols in Your Email Subject Lines

Email subject lines are much more expressive with emojis and smileys. It can lead to higher response rates than traditional email.

We excluded negative contacts from your subscription.

We no more count negative contacts (Bounce, spam complaints, unsubscribes and abuses) in your subscription, Meaning you could import more contacts to your account. 


Collect Mailercloud contacts from the pop-up forms, lightboxes, surveys, and quizzes.

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Connect your Mailercloud account with 600+ apps on Integrately.

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Automate workflows by connecting your Mailercloud account with an app on KonnectzIT.

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Pabbly Connect

Integrate your Mailercloud account with your favorite application on Pabbly Connect.

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